Waiting To Be Repatriated, A Second Engineer Went Missing At Sea

second engineer suicide

As per various reports, a Second Engineer (2/E) has allegedly committed suicide aboard a crude oil tanker ship, managed by one of the reputed management companies.

Reportedly, the incident took place on Wednesday (June 17) when the vessel was in South China Sea. The missing Engineer was last seen on June 16th, 22:30 LT.

The said 2/E had joined the vessel on February 7, 2020 and was due for sign off in June. Purportedly, his sign off was cancelled recently.

On June 17, the 2/E was found to be missing, a search of the vessel was conducted, public announcements were made on the vessel’s PA system. After failing to find the missing 2/E onboard, vessel diverted to the reciprocal course to carry out man overboard search.

Search and rescue operations are still in progress. Further details are awaited. 

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