Unable to Join First Ship, Depressed Cadet Commits Suicide

Unable to Join First Ship, Depressed Cadet Commits Suicide

depressed cadet tries to commit suicide

[Update 26th june 1800 IST] : According to latest update recieved, the cadet has unfortunately succumbed to the injuries and lost the battle of life. 

While a lot has been talked about the mental stress the seafarers stuck on board are going through, a very little concern has been shown for the seafarers who are awaiting to join ships since a long time without any salary.

On Thursday night (June 25), a young cadet (23-years old), who was waiting to start his on board career since last 2 years tried to commit suicide by jumping from a flyover. After waiting for 2 long years, he finally got news of his first joining, which was further delayed due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Fortunately, the cadet was only injured, the youth was rushed to the hospital by the police. He was admitted in the ICU. The condition of the young man remained critical till late in the night.

The incident took place on the Ajabpur flyover, Haridwar (Uttarakhand). Eyewitnesses said that the young man strolled on the fly over for a long time before jumping down. This caused panic in the area. On the information of the people, cheetah force (Police force to check street crime) personnel reached the spot.

The cadet was immediately rushed to the Government Hospital in critical condition. After preliminary examination, he was referred to the Higher Center.

Upon investigation by the police, it was found that the cadet was depressed as he was unable to start his career in Merchant Navy for more than 1.5 years now.

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