Pirates Attack Liberian-Flagged Cargo Ship In Nigerian Waters

Rio charleston
Image Credit: MarineTraffic

Reports from various sources indicate that a speed boat with 5 people on board attempted to board the Liberian-flagged container ship RIO CHARLESTON in position 03′ 14.3″N 004′ 43.0″E, about 50 NM offshore Bayelsa State when the vessel was en route to Onne Port.

It is understood that the perpetrators attempted the boarding via the Port Side of the vessel. The vessel raised the alarm, increased speed, activated fire pumps and performed evasive maneuvers.

The pirates aborted the attempt, crew and vessel are reported to be safe.

As per Dryad Global, So far this is the 9th deep offshore incident within 2020. The waters south of Nigeria at a distance of over 70 NM have seen the majority of incident reporting with the majority of incidents involving attempted boarding’s or vessels fired upon and boarded.

This brings the total number of incidents within West Africa to 59 incidents representing a slight increase when set against 56 incidents across the same time-frame in 2019.


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