Indian Seafarers Lost 2500+ Jobs Due To COVID-19 Lockdown

Indian Seafarers Lost 2500+ Jobs Due To COVID-19 Lockdown

Indian seafarers jobs lost

Indian seafarers have lost more than 2500 jobs since the lockdown was implemented (March 23) due to COVID-19 Pandemic. 

As per the official data on DG Shipping website, between March 23 and May 30, 8,732 Indian seafarers signed off from ships both in India and abroad, while only 6,212 seafarers signed-on, implying that almost 2520 Indian seafarers lost job to other nationality seafarers.

The crew change for Indian seafarers at Indian ports started on April 22 as per the standard operating procedures (SOP) developed by the government of India, while the permission to use chartered flights to carry out crew change at foreign ports was granted on May 30.

The seafarers awaiting to join their next ship have repeatedly requested the Government to come out with a plan for crew change in foreign ports also.

The Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan seafarers gained an edge over their Indian counterparts as the crew change continued from these countries.

It is also believed that if the seafarers who went for yard delivery of ships are taken out, the number of jobs lost would have been much higher than the present figure.

As per The Hindu BL, “There are contrary views also suggesting that the difference between sign-on and sign-off put out by DG Shipping does not necessarily mean that Indian seafarers lost jobs on board ships during the pandemic.

As cruise lines shut operations globally in the wake of the health crisis, many Indian crew on board luxury liners were signed off and repatriated to India without the need for relievers.”

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