Anglo-Eastern Announced Their First Overseas Crew Change Using Chartered Flights

Anglo-Eastern crew change
Image Credit: Anglo-Eastern

On May 26, Anglo-Eastern announced their single largest crew change in India, which included a total of 34 Indian crew members in the relief effort at Kochi (17 signed on + 17 signed off). Then the management company announced the execution of four more batches Of crew change. These four batches of crew change took place in Kochi and Mundra in India and Taizhou in China.

Now, once more Anglo-Eastern came up with a good news regarding overseas crew change for Indian Seafarers.

Anglo-Eastern shared an update on its official Facebook page, the post reads:

“We are excited to announce our first overseas crew relief effort involving AE Indian seafarers!

A special flight jointly chartered by Indian maritime associations MASSA and FOSMA yesterday (Jun 3) departed from New Delhi to Doha, Qatar, carrying a total of 121 seafarers, of which Anglo-Eastern made up the largest contingent by far.

Comprising one-third of the flight, our 39-strong team of joiners are presently en route to France, Finland and South Korea, from where they will sign on to their respective vessels (seven in total). Their relieved colleagues will return to India via Doha.

Anglo-Eastern crew change 1
Image Credit: Anglo-Eastern

This is the first such two-way chartered flight arrangement of its kind for Indian seafarers (the previous three being mostly one-way for new ship takeovers and dry-dockings), and represents a big step forward in the right direction towards effecting more regular crew relief.

Thanks to MASSA, FOSMA and ATPI for the chartered flight arrangements, and to our dedicated Fleet Personnel team in India for making all the rest happen. We are delighted to have been able to take part in this welcome initiative and look forward to more of the same.

To our first group of overseas crew joiners from India, safe travels and bon voyage! ✈️🚢🎉”

This news has came up as a ray of hope for many stranded Indian seafarers as well as for the seafarers who are waiting to join back as Anglo-Eastern is the largest management company in India. 

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