Watch- Major Fire and Explosions On Indonesian Oil Tanker Jag Leela, Several Injured

At least 22 people were injured when an Indonesian-flagged crude oil tanker Jag Leela burst into flames at Belawan shipyard, Indonesia on May 11.

Two explosions were heard shortly before the fire broke out on the Jag Leela, sending huge clouds of thick black smoke into the air. Reportedly, fire spread to a nearby vessel also.

Firefighters battled hard to put out the fire on the Indonesia-flagged Jag Leela. Dozens of fire engines and tugs with water cannons were deployed to fight the humongous fire.

Emergency personnel rushed 22 injured sailors to hospital with dozens more still trapped on the tanker, said local police chief Dayan.The cause of the fire and explosion is not yet confirmed, he said. 

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It is reported that the explosion was so powerful that it also caused minor damages to the nearby homes.

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