This seafarer made A cinematic video on "life at sea" and its amazing.

This seafarer made A cinematic video on “life at sea” and its amazing.

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Last updated on April 18th, 2021 at 10:22 am

The seafarers normally lead his/her life without getting much attention. A major part of a seafarer’s life is spent onboard the ships, far away from any limelight. Their hard work and talents are invisible to the outer world. Even though seafarers spend most of their time fulfilling their duties on board the ship, it doesn’t stop them from being creative and using their talents to do something meaningful.

One such talented and creative seafarer is JhayAy Vispo, who is also an aspiring cinematographer.

Here is his story,

Recently, JhayAy made a heart touching short movie about the life of seafarers on board a ship. The video went viral on social media. So far, the video has gained whopping 188k views on Facebook in just 5 days.

JhayAy who hails from the Philippines, joined the sea life 3 years back and currently sailing on a cargo ship as an Abled Seaman but a licensed third mate.

JhayAy told The Maritime Post,

He learned to make videos by researching on the internet and got inspired to make such amazing videos from youtube video creators like Benn tk and jr Alli.

“During my free time, I go to the bridge to learn about navigation from my superiors and if still, I get time I practice filmmaking and video editing”

I like working on ships and I want to keep doing it as it was always my aim to become a seafarer even before I decided to try out filmmaking.

Life on cargo ships is hard, you have to be physically strong, sometimes stressful, but all the hardships are nothing when I think about my family. I am willing to make sacrifices to provide them a better future.

When I am not sailing I do side projects like video editing to help my family financially.

In his video he has creatively displayed the life of seafarers, who stay away from their family but make another family onboard with fellow shipmates, and how they enjoy every special moment together. Watch this amazing masterpiece created by JhayAy and don’t forget to subscribe to his youtube channel to watch more amazing life at sea videos.

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