Seafarers Get "$10" As COVID-19 Bonus

Seafarers Get “$10” As COVID-19 Bonus

Company Pays 10 dollars

A 10$ one-time bonus! Yes that’s what a leading Management company offered its seafarers as COVID-19 Bonus.

Recently, an e-mail sent by the Fleet personnel department of the company surfaced online which states the amount given to each seafarer as a one-time COVID-19 Bonus. Surprisingly, the bonus was differentiated as per the rank of the seafarers.

The full content of the e-mail is:

“We hope you and all ship staff on board are safe and all are in good health.

In view of the outbreak of COVID-19, relief of due crew on board are badly affected. Most of the countries are not allowing crew changes and very few countries are only allowing based on exceptional cases (Such as on medical grounds). In line with this and an effort from company to recognize your work in this difficult time, management has approved, a One time bonus for our sailing staff.

Bonus amount

We want to thank you all as “Company Name” knows the amount of efforts that our crew have put into their job and we want to assure you that your efforts are significantly appreciated.”

This move by the company is drawing a lot of criticism by the seafarers on Social Media.

One seafarer wrote on a Facebook Group: 

“Such high respect for seafarers who are stuck at sea, completed their contractual obligations and more, and yet risking their careers, lives, peace of mind and at the cost of being separated from their families during the Covid19 pandemic.

Unbelievable, shocking and unacceptable deep disrespect for their own Mariners, who do the dangerous work that pays for these fools wages as well.

Master and crew must not only categorically reject these alms but also resign en masse for such a huge insult and pledge to not join back such an organisation. Also they should send 500$ to those who have come up with this brilliant idea for their troubles.”

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  1. It is really hurting to see such treatment is being meted out to seafarers. These management company are running slavery at sea. It is really heart breaking to see alms are being offered to seafarers as one time Covid bonus.

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