Russian And Ukrainian Sailors Kidnapped In Gulf Of Guinea, Pirates Yet To Make Demands

russian sailors kidnapped in gulf of guinea
Image Credit: MarineTraffic

As per a report published by Tass, on May 9, two ships were attacked in the territorial waters of Equatorial Guinea and three Russians were abducted – one from the ship Rio Mitong, moored off Malabo, and two others from the research vessel DJIBLOHO, anchored off Luba.

Also, as per Dryad Global, a maritime security firm, “The perpetrators are believed to have used ladders to board the vessel resulting in the kidnap of two crew members believed to be one Russian and one Ukrainian on Rio Mitong. The remaining crew members are understood to be safe.”

So far no demands have been made from the pirates that are believed to have kidnapped several Russian nationals in the Gulf of Guinea, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on May 14.

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“Until now, the pirates have not got in touch and have not put forward any requirements. The Russian embassy in Cameroon is actively working with the authorities of Equatorial Guinea and the shipowner company to help establish the whereabouts of the abducted Russian citizens and secure their speedy release. We keep this issue on special control,” Zakharova said during a press briefing.

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