Pirates Attack Cargo Ship In Gulf Of Guinea, Crew Take Refuge In Citadel

ESL Australia pirate attack
Image Credit: MarineTraffic

As per International Maritime Bureau (IMB), a Cargo ship believed to be Cypriot-flagged vessel “ESL Australia” have been attacked by the Pirates off Nigerian Coast in Gulf Of Guinea on May 20.

All crew members of the “ESL Australia” vessel managed to hide in citadel (a specially equipped strong room).

The pirates attacked the ship 136 nautical miles (250 kilometers) off the coast of Bayelsa. Nigerian navy authorities were informed of the attack and were sent for the rescue.

As per Maritime Bulletin, “As of 0600 UTC May 21, the ship was still adrift, with Nigerian Naval ship DONNY circling nearby.”

So far it is not clear whether the pirates have boarded the ship or not.

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Owing to the local oil industry, the Gulf of Guinea is among the regions with the highest concentrations and frequency of pirate attacks.

Notably, this is the 5th such incident to occur within 100 NM of the southern fringe of the Nigerian EEZ in 2020.

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