Onboard Chief Officer Resigns Citing Mental Stress

Onboard Chief Officer Resigns Citing Mental Stress

onboard chief officer resigns
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Due to the ongoing crew change crisis because of the worldwide travel restrictions, the seafarers who are stranded onboard are undergoing immense trauma, depression, and exhaustion (both mental and physical).

The Maritime Post has got hold of a resignation letter whereby a Chief Officer has reportedly resigned onboard, citing mental and physical exhaustion as the reason for stepping down.

The full content of the Resignation letter is as follows:

This is to inform all concerned that, I NAME, presently serving on your good vessel M.T. Ship Name since 22nd Oct 2019 hereby resigns as onboard chief officer with effect from 0001 Hrs LT on 22nd May 2020 due to mental and physical exhaustion which has caused me to lose focus and judgment in carrying out my duties and responsibilities onboard.

As I have mentioned in my earlier requests, I reiterate emphatically that I do not want to jeopardize the safety of the vessel and onboard crew as it’s paramount and which cannot be achieved in my present “Mentally Incapacitated” State. Hence, I am stepping down from the rank of onboard Chief Officer.

Please do not ask me to call office and speak to anyone because I would not oblige until Confirmed arrangements of my repatriation have been made and notified to the vessel.”

chief officer resigns

This incident has highlighted the desperation among the stranded seafarers and the urgent need to resume the crew change.

  1. Seafarers community has to come together to fight for their rights. If all seafarers take a step and stop ship movement crew change will be done at one instance.

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