Indian Sailor Goes Missing Mysteriously, No Trace Even After SAR Operation

Indian Sailor Goes Missing Mysteriously, No Trace Even After SAR Operation

missing 3rd officer

As per highly reliable sources, it is confirmed that an Indian 3rd Officer went missing at sea on May 13, 2020 from a ship managed by one of the largest ship management companies.

A first notification letter was sent by the company to the said 3rd officer’s Next of kin informing about the tragic incident.

As per the notification letter, the 3rd officer completed his morning (0800-1200 LT) watch and left the bridge after handing over the watch to the 2nd Officer on May 13, 2020. After this,nobody onboard interacted with him or seen him. As he did not report for the night watch at 2000 LT, the ship’s staff conducted a thorough search onboard, without any success.

The vessel was en route to Bordeaux, France from Montreal, Canada when this unfortunate incident took place. 

On not locating the Third Officer, the vessel reportedly immediately initiated a search & rescue (SAR) operation aat 2118 hrs LT. Vessel reportedly turned around on a reciprocal course. Master reportedly notified the nearest Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centres (MRCC), MRCC JERSEY and MRCC ETEL. Reportedly, a French warship in the vicinity also assisted in the SAR Operation.

Our team at The Maritime Post has been trying to reach the family of the third officer (Name concealed to maintain anonymity) to understand if they have any concerns regarding this devastating incident. So far, we have been unable to contact the family. We will update accordingly.



The Maritime Post has knowingly concealed the details of the third officer, company and the ship, understanding the sensitivity of the incident and the pain the family must be going through.

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