Coronavirus Impact: Australia Extends Cruise Ship Ban Until September 17

Coronavirus Impact: Australia Extends Cruise Ship Ban Until September 17

Australia cruise ship ban
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Australia on May 22, further extended its ban on international cruise ships for three months until Sept 17.

The ban applies to any cruise liner capable of carrying more than 100 passengers, the Australian Border Force (ABF) said in a statement.

Australian Border Force also said, “any cruise ship that has left a foreign port either on a direct voyage or round trip is prohibited from entering any Australian port.”

The ABF first banned cruise liners from entering Australian waters on March 27.

The move came as many of the coronavirus cases in the country are linked to the recently docked cruise ships including the Ruby Princess, which has been linked to hundreds of COVID-19 cases globally and 22 deaths and is now the subject of a massive police probe and a New South Wales government inquiry.

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“The Australian Border Force has been in constant contact with the cruise industry which has been cooperative and understands the Government’s overwhelming priority to ensure the health and safety of the broader Australian community,” the ABF said in a statement announcing the extension of ban.


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