Bizarre: Company Advising Seafarers To Make Masks Out of Torn Bed Sheets

Bizarre: Company Advising Seafarers To Make Masks Out of Torn Bed Sheets

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When it comes to the welfare and safety of the ship’s crew, many ship managers are stooping to a new low, almost every other day.

Conventions like MLC, which came in force, to ensure that seafarers’ rights are protected are akin paper tigers.

For many ship managers, safety onboard the ship is just for the paperwork. They like to boast about the safety culture in their companies but the ground reality is completely different. In the end, it is all about saving money for the owners. As usual, crew welfare and safety are the last things on the minds of such ship managers and owners.

Recently, a few photographs of an e-mail sent from the company to its fleet of vessels went viral on the social media. The content of the email is as follows,

“Kindly note that crew of Vessel Name and Other Vessel Name has prepared face mask from washed & torn bed sheet. We are encouraging other vessel to prepare face mask at least 2 pcs for each crew member. So that each day they can wash one face mask and use another one for the day. Please send video of making of mask, photos of mask without and with wearing.”

email from company

The ship manager also attached the sample photos of the mask made by other vessels.

mask from torn bedsheets

You can imagine how less such ship operators care for the seafarers as they are trying to save the cost on purchasing masks for the crew, even during these times when the world is under a pandemic.

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It’s clear that their priority is cutting down the expenses even if it is at the cost of seafarers’ lives.

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