Anglo-Eastern's Single Largest Crew Change Took Place In India

Anglo-Eastern’s Single Largest Crew Change Took Place In India

Anglo-eastern crew change

The international travel restrictions are making the crew change crisis worse with every passing day. Various companies are trying to re-start the crew change procedures. While many companies have been successful in getting some of their crew changed, others are still looking for a way out.

Recently, Anglo-Eastern ship management posted from their official Facebook page, stating, “We are committed to connecting our seafarers with families and ships, and to keeping global supply chains moving! Since March 23, when crew relief became even more of a challenge due to the nationwide lockdown in India, we were nevertheless able to arrange 294 sign-ons and 352 sign-offs across 82 of our managed vessels worldwide, as broken down by manning office in this infographic (figures as at May 22).”

anglo eastern crew change
Infographic By- Anglo Eastern

The company further wrote, “These crew movements involved seafarers of all nationalities, and as the situation eases up, we can look forward to these figures growing. Special thanks must go to our dedicated team of Fleet Personnel colleagues for all of their hard work in making such crew changes possible during this difficult time.”

However, Anglo-Eastern didn’t shared any future plans as to how they are going to proceed in order to get the stranded and exhausted seafarers back.

On May 27, Anglo-Eastern further updated the details of a new crew change which took place in India.

The company wrote, “We are happy to report our largest single crew change in India since the nationwide lockdown two months ago! A total of 34 Indian crew members were involved in the May 26 relief effort at Kochi (17 signed on + 17 signed off).

Many of those who signed off the tanker were overdue by around 2-3 months for a combined ‘delay’ of nearly 30 months. In light of this and the unpredictable nature of crew changes in the current climate, the off-signers were naturally delighted to be ashore, so that they can travel back to their homes and families after fulfilling their quarantine requirements.

“I would like to thank the entire team at Anglo-Eastern,” wrote the vessel’s master, Capt. Hrisheet Barve, who himself had served on board the tanker for almost double his contract period.

“None of this would have been possible without the desire to make it happen, as well as the tremendous amounts of coordination between all the various departments and teams at Anglo-Eastern, be it Manning, Technical and Operations, who had to do so much more than just nominate the joiners and get them to Kochi (a logistical nightmare, I’m sure), but to also get all the clearances in place from numerous interests.

“I must add that I was touched and impressed with the attention to detail at the sign-off. … It made me feel proud to be working for Anglo-Eastern. The crew are very happy to be back on land and looking forward to returning to their homes once the quarantine period is over. I also thank the Owners and Charterers on behalf of my crew and myself, as without their cooperation, none of this would have been possible.”

Welcome ashore, Capt. Barve and crew! We’re just happy to have been able to assist and make it happen.”

These attempts are providing a slight ray of hope to the seafarers awaiting to go back to their homes and also to those who are awaiting to join the ships. However once again, the company didn’t shared any future plans for crew change.

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